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The 7 hr High Voltage Detox is specially formulated with a unique mixture of B-Vitamins, various nutrients and herbal extracts, to eliminate toxins from your urinary tract.

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People who need to get or keep a new job, or who need to go to drug court and provide a clean urine sample, may benefit from this product.  The High Voltage Detox 7 HR cleanse is great for removing unwanted toxins. The package comes with a 16 ounce concentrate formula.

A safe and natural way to cleanse the urinary tract of toxins and harmful bacteria. The High Voltage 7 hr Detox is Doctor approved, Non-habit forming, 100% natural and drug free.


For Maximum Results:

  • Avoid unwanted toxins for a minimum 24-48 hours.
  • Pre-cleanse period, the night before drink ten 8oz glasses of water over an 8 hour period.
  • While using this product, urinate frequently to expel toxins.
    Do not eat large meals or consume any food with Caffeine or Fruit Juices during the pre-cleanse period.
  • Avoid over the counter or non-prescribed medications, alcohol, acidic liquids vitamins or salty foods.
  • Drink plenty of water on a daily basis

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