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Keep your pet’s coat healthy and smelling good with King Kanine KING KALM CBD MANGE & MITE SPRAY! Our antiseptic topical solution is formulated with a broad-spectrum CBD and other skin-soothing ingredients

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Treat your beloved pet to the ultimate pampering with King Kanine’s Antiseptic Topical Solution! Our all-natural King Kalm CBD Mange & Mite spray is designed to take care of your pet’s skin and paw problems. This soothing spray contains CBD and a combination of antibacterial ingredients, making it the perfect treatment for conditions such as mange and ringworm.

Our specially designed formula is alcohol-free and totally eco-friendly, meaning you can use it without worrying about any ill effects. Aloe Vera and our signature lemongrass fragrance are gentle on your pet’s skin and make it smell wonderful. Let King Kanine take care of your pet today!


  • Treatment for Conditions Such as Mange and Ringworm
  • Alcohol-free and Totally Eco-Friendly
  • Antiseptic Topical Solution
  • All-Natural CBD Spray
  • Designed to Take Care of Your Pet’s Skin and Paw Problems

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