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The M-Code Translator portable Enail vaporizer offers all the perks of a standard Enail but it is portable and lightweight.

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Bring your trusted oil rig with the M-Code Translator Portable Enail Vaporizer. This dual-use e-nail device allows you to enjoy your favorite essential oils, concentrates, and dry herbs without having to switch between devices. Just press, heat, and enjoy! This top-rated vaporizer is primarily designed for essential oils, but comes included with a ceramic chamber that can be used for both essential oils and dry herbs/concentrates, making it the ultimate in versatility and functionality.

The M-Code Translator portable e-nail vaporizer offers all the perks of a standard e-nail, but it is portable and lightweight. Because of its concentric heating coil design, you can choose between linear and circular heating styles.  This way, you can be sure to get the best experience possible every time.


  • Top-rated vaporizer
  • Ceramic chamber
  • Portable and lightweight


  • 1 x M-Code Battery Base
  • 1 x Glass Attachment
  • 1 x Film Atomizer
  • 1 x Carb Cap
  • 1 x Atomizer Cover
  • 3 x Cotton Swabs
  • 2 x Alcohol Pads
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Additional information

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 3.5 × 8 in

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