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The RAW Catcher is a smoking accessory that helps you avoid getting ash and burn marks on your clothes, furniture, and other belongings.

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This ash catcher brought to you by Raw is a ingenious ashtray is designed to be attached to the end of your joint or blunt and functions as a normal smoking device. The catcher also has a flat base so you can set your cone down without rolling around and making burns or an ashy mess everywhere. No More Ash All Over The Place!

Added is a silicone curb on the sides for an enhanced grip and smoother holding experience


  • This awesome accessory is the next level in ashtrays; introducing the Ash Catcher by RAW!
  • Smoke your cones with the ash catcher conveniently underneath it and catch all your ash as it falls!
  • The heat resistant nylon ash catcher collects any ash from your favorite legal smoking herb and keeps it from burning you! 
  • So grab up this ashtray and be on the cutting edge of cone smoking!
  • High Quality!

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Dimensions 1.42 × 1.14 × 4.88 in