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“Explore SHROOMZ Chocolate Bars: Indulgent pieces infused with THC and mushrooms for a unique, elevated experience. Savor the journey in every bite.

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Enjoy mushrooms and THC in our SHROOMZ Chocolate Bars. Each pack has six bars. They mix special mushrooms with THC for a new experience.

What’s Good About SHROOMZ?

  • Natural Mix: We use special mushrooms and safe THC in delicious chocolate.
  • Strong and Safe: Our THC is very pure and strong. You get the same good taste every time.
  • Made by Experts: Our chocolates taste very good. They are smooth and rich.
  • Easy to Use: The bars are easy to take with you. Start with a small piece to see how it feels.
  • Tested for You: We check our chocolates in a lab to make sure they are safe and good.

Enjoy Better Moments

SHROOMZ – CHOCOLATE BAR – 6CT can make creative work or quiet time better. They are not just snacks. They are a way to make special moments.

How to Use

Eat a small piece and wait a bit. Always be careful. Keep away from kids.

Start Your Adventure

With SHROOMZ, every chocolate bar starts a new adventure. Ready to try?